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What is Planet Orlando?
Planet Orlando is a fun and exciting website where you can actually win free Orlando theme park tickets, free meals, free Orlando attraction tickets, free Orlando merchandise and much, much, more. We also provide current news and up-to-date information on all Orlando attractions.

How do I enter a contest?
Just click or tap “Enter a Contest”, pick the ones that interest you, click or tap that contest and follow the instructions.

Can I enter the contests more than once?
One entry per day will be accepted, however, you may play the games or quizzes as many times as you’d like.

Do I have to get all of the questions/answers correct to be entered into the drawing?
Absolutely not! Once you click/tap to enter the contest, you are in! There may be occasional exceptions to this . We may run a certain contests that have more strict requirements, however, the instructions will be made very clear upon entering. We truly want everyone to have a chance to win.

How are the winners determined?
Most contest winners are determined by random drawing. We have software that we load all of the names into and it chooses a name randomly. We do run contests occasionally that are determined in other ways such as by public vote, (best photo contest etc) and those winners are determined in such a way that is applicable to that contest. We are as transparent as possible so that everyone has a fair chance to win!

How do I receive my prizes?
Most prizes are sent via certified mail with the United States Post Office. You must be available to sign for the package to verify receipt.

How long does it take to receive my prizes?
Within 48 hours after the ending date of the contest we will determine the winner by means applicable to the contest. We try to announce all winners the same day that the contest ends, however, please allow 48 hours for winner processing. Once the winner is determined, the prize will be processed and shipped within 3 business days. Once your prize is in the hands of the USPS, it usually takes 5 to 7 days for delivery. If you are a winner, please feel free to notify us if you need your prize sooner. Are you traveling to Orlando and need the tickets, gift card, free meals, etc? We are flexible and willing to make arrangements to get your prize to you ASAP!

Can I get cash or it’s equivalent instead of tickets, meals, etc?
Yes! We will convert any prize to its current cash value and send you a Visa Gift Card instead. Once you receive notification that you are a winner, you MUST contact us immediately to make this request. We try to process and ship prizes very quickly. If you are notified that you are a winner, you will receive a Confirmation Email with more instructions for converting your prize.

Good Luck!